Anklestone foot and ankle injury device

Ice Hockey

When it comes to physically intense and demanding sports, hockey is second to none. It’s sometimes been referred to as a “collision” sport. Combining intense player contact with high speed and fast cuts and stops, there are plenty of injuries, especially to feet and ankles.

Ice skates are extremely stiff around the ankles providing more support and stability to players. Therefore, common foot and ankle injuries in hockey are somewhat different than those found in most other sports.

Following are some of the most common ice hockey injuries to players’ feet and ankles:
High Ankle Sprains
Lace Bite

Ice Hockey played at high speed, often with a high degree of player contact makes foot and ankle injuries extremely common. You can however, reduce your potential risk of these injuries by maintaining optimum foot and ankle flexibility and strength to maximize mobility by using AnkleSTONE® as part of your daily conditioning program. Should an injury occur, seek medical attention to accurately diagnose and treat your injury. Once cleared for rehabilitation, use AnkleSTONE® therapy to restore range-of-motion, flexibility and mobility. AnkleSTONE® therapy can be extremely effective at easing and even eliminating the pain caused by many injuries. Always make sure you are cleared by your medical professional to begin physical therapy before exercising.

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