If you’re suffering from foot and/or ankle pain you’re definitely not alone. Fact is, 8 out of 10 adults worldwide are suffering along with you to varying degrees due to injury and other ailments. The real problem is there haven’t been truly effective options for relief without professional physical therapy sessions, steroids or the host of home remedies people try to use for lack of anything else. That is, until now.

AnkleSTONE is the only orthopedic appliance specifically developed to provide foot and ankle pain relief, improved mobility and health to the millions upon millions of people who suffer every day. And, AnkleSTONE is so effective with proper use, you won’t have to put up with the disruption of your daily routine or the cost of professional physical therapy either.

How it Works

AnkleSTONE’s intelligent design fits virtually any size foot and makes it easy to employ beneficial exercises such as plantar fasciitis stretch, Achilles tendon stretch, toe extension, targeted massage and much more. What makes it so effective is that the ‘plasticity’ of soft tissue allows gentle, progressive stretch to restore the tissue back to pain-free status over time.

AnkleSTONE employs four regions each of which is designed to enable specific stretching exercises to achieve the desired results.

Meet Dr. Zanyk

Dr. Marien J. Zanyk holds a PhD in Clinical Pathology and is a published BioMedical Scientist with degrees in Genetics and Orthopedic Physical Therapy. Her extensive experience and expertise also includes musculoskeletal recovery. Before embarking on her own development projects the most significant of which is AnkleSTONE, Dr. Zanyk was a successful and prominent orthopedic medical device consultant to Orthopedic and Neuro surgeons throughout the U.S. Recognizing that there was no orthopedic appliance specifically designed to relieve foot and ankle pain while enhancing mobility, she set about answering that vital need. After years of development and design and significant personal investment, the result is AnkleSTONE. An intelligently designed and extremely effective medical device that provides the foot and ankle relief you’re looking for simply and affordably.