Anklestone foot and ankle injury device

How to Use


  1. Non-skid grippers underneath make AnkleSTONE® suitable for almost any floor surface.
  2. Comfortable shape holds the foot in each region to promote correct position and correct movement.
  3. Coarse pumice stone-like surface.
  4. The rounded top edge, the Roll Bar, for deep tissue massage, encourages gentle or aggressive pressure to relieve pain and improve flexibility.
  5. Lightweight, easy to clean.
  6. Quality workmanship; 30-day Guarantee & 1-year Warranty.
The only all-in-one foot & ankle device.


  1. Suitable for any floor surface; safe to use.
  2. Many Uses. Built in positioning.
  3. Rough invigorating finish enhances deep tissue message and promotes circulation.
  4. Good massage using Roll Bar
  5. Easy to use anywhere, great for travel.
  6. Customer satisfaction and technical quality.

How to Use

Positioning (General)

In general, place foot on device, hold onto
something to aid balance if desired and enjoy the different position of stretch therapy

Stretch Time (General)

A 30-second stretch is typical, but you may vary the duration from 10-seconds to 1-minute depending on position and preference.

Basically go into a stretch position (to end of range and then slightly further into it but no pain) hold it and then as tissues relax or elongate you can push just slightly more to challenge the stretch. Continue as you progress in over many days giving tissues time to change.

Achilles Tendon Stretch
In the position of Dorsi flexion with your foot placed comfortably on the top of the device, lean your body weight forward over your foot to feel the stretch. Increase the amount of force and amount of stretch bending the knee to promote the stretch deeper and hold as desired approximately 10-30-seconds. Repeat 2-3X or as desired.

Plantar Fascia Stretch
Advance your foot to the front of the devise and slide the foot forward to give a gentle mechanical stretch on the plantar fascia. Place the heel on the roll bar and apply pressure for an analgesic pressure point effect to relieve pain and promote increased blood flow to the area.

Toe Extension
Place your right foot or left foot using the
appropriate side grooves. Place the toes anywhere comfortably along the toe grooves – enjoy the stretch. Pivot the foot to alter the angle forcing a more challenging stretch on different toe regions. Hold 10-30-seconds and repeat 3X daily or as desired.

Ankle Mobility, stretching the Ankle after Sprain or Issues
Comfortably tuck the foot into the curvature of the device that will cradle the foot while you apply body weight to increase the range of motion.

Deep Tissue Massage
Using the roll bar at the top edge gently massage soft tissue by rolling your foot back and forth over the bar. Dig in for a deep massage and scrape along the surface to invigorate.

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