Anklestone foot and ankle injury device

Stay in the Game with AnkleSTONE®

Your All-In-One Solution to Countering Foot and Ankle Injuries.

Athletes, athletic trainers and coaches know that foot and ankle health and conditioning are critical to an athlete’s overall performance and ultimate longevity. Maintaining maximum foot and ankle strength, flexibility and mobility helps ensure athletes achieve their full potential while avoiding injuries that can sideline them.

Even a simple ankle sprain can keep athletes from competing for several weeks and often even longer. Though one of the most important aspects of athletic conditioning is maintaining foot and ankle optimum health, it’s often the most overlooked.

These types of injuries are on the rise in virtually every physically demanding sport. In many cases they’re a direct result of inadequate conditioning leading to contact and non-contact injuries like Ankle Sprains, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis and others. They can often be avoided.

AnkleSTONE® provides sport-specific exercises to help counter most common foot and ankle injuries. By enabling gentle massage and stretching techniques, it helps you maintain sports-level conditioning and health while speeding your recovery should an injury occur.

There’s really nothing else like AnkleSTONE®.

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