Anklestone foot and ankle injury device
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  • easy-to-use
  • made to last
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Standard sizes 5-12
Also available in professional sizes 13-17
“No other medical device can do this much”

AnkleSTONE® is an innovative multi-position orthopedic device providing years of daily conditioning and therapy protecting and revitalizing your feet and ankles.It improves mobility, flexibility and range-of-motion with regular use. It works by cradling your foot in exact stable positions to allow progression to impact flexibility, range of motion and pain free mobility.

orthopedic wellness device
Innovative all-in-one orthopedic wellness device for improved athletic performance
Justin James
“I am really enjoying using AnkleSTONE®. I put a lot of force into the ground with my golf swing, and some lateral, shearing force into the left ankle. It feels great on my arches and is a fantastic Achilles stretch. I enjoy exploring different movements.”

Justin James,
World Long Drive Champion / Fitness Coach

Medical and Sports Therapy Conditions

  • Injury prevention/recovery
  • Routine athletic conditioning
  • Joint stiffness
  • Mobility deficit
  • Painful conditions
“Doctor Recommended”

Dr. Zanyk PHD, is the inventor of AnkleSTONE®, the first all-in-one medical miracle for foot and ankle wellness.

Dr. Zanyk