Anklestone foot and ankle injury device

Advancing Innovation at UConn Tech Park’s Proof of Concept Center

I attended the UConn Tech Park, Proof of Concept Center to partner up for the 3D Print final translation of AnkleSTONE® as we enter USA manufacturing in CT.

Proof of Concept Centers accelerate commercialization to advance Innovation, which drives economic growth. Economic growth leads to longer, healthier lives by transforming better, cheaper, and more efficient goods and services that benefit patients, industry, and society.

UConn researchers and the business community must collaborate in order to significantly enhance the commercial and societal impact of UConn’s research for new technologies and to expand industry partnerships.

As the CEO of ZANEEZ®Health & Fitness Equipment, and as a small business owner, I recognize the necessity of collaboration of exceptional CT talent as critical to successful commercialization. The UConn Tech Park is an amazing CT resource.